Mar. 18th, 2009


Mar. 18th, 2009 12:21 pm
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Ok, so exams done!!!!!
::does a funky dance::
I passed.
::screams in joy::
Classes start next week--yeay:S
Also yesterday I was walking to the bank near my place) and as does happens to me a lot, I kept walking and found this really cool dance studio.
So plus going to college classes, plus language classes....
I'm back in Arabian Dance....Plus Contemporary Dance...cause really its embarrassing--I'm just not hip enough:(
And I'm trying out Tango(which I really wanted to try but never got the courage).
Best of all its pay as much as you can(its a city funded program), so yeay!!
I need to see If I can squeeze in Programing...which is a bit expensive but I do qualify for a scholarship.
So good day.
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Marriot Blanche and Chester Adams. Gay couple stuck in the bible belt after avalanche.
Under the advise of their couples therapist. They had each tried to be in each others shoes. Marriot tried golf and schmoozing ended up with a broken leg. Chester tries to use his granddads journal to write a book of memoirs after a trip down the stairs. They are force to go on a vacation that breaks their mold. Lack of communication puts them on a coach train to the south.
After many stumbles and near disasters, they realised they are happy together. As workaholics who bulldoze anyone who gets in the way. They like wining and dining and staying in high class hotels, fighting is part of their day. No need for a pre bake relationship with the stamp of approval.
The moral is that Chester and Marriot realised, you can be happy being just you. Having a partner doesn't slow you down and there are things you do for are loves one on the day to day bases that have more value that a Tiffany cast off. Be true to yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I'm not writing this. I'm really really not--even If if I just did nearly 4k of it. I'm not. This was a plot make believe for [ profile] vashtan and his com. Not doing it...
Maybe a few more words wont hurt...

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