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Sep. 29th, 2009 03:25 am
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So thankfully I got over the martian death snot flue!! The weather is still all futzy, but yeay it didn't escalated into the hospital.
Mom and sister went for their check up with me and where diagnosed with M:hypertension and S: pre-hypertension:(
Yours truly is within the normal margin even a bit low:)

When S complained about the why them and not me...
(Awesome)Doctor asked me
Smoke? No
Drink? No
Exercise? Yes, 4 times a week I dance
And a bunch more things that they need to change to be healthier...
And yep, this are only risk factor but it was funny while S fumed and mom swore they where gonna stop eating junkfood.(I eyes are just bright)
But seriously boy did I dodge the thing--insomnia , prescript meds!

Boy are the med for hypertension expensive..they have to take the dose 3 times a day. Argh budgeting sucks:(

I'm not even gonna get into the fact that also this week some asshole (that actually came to fix the pluming) STOLE my digital camera--hope your balls fall off!
And yeay it could have only been him cause since I was sick no one came home and it was in the room behind the kitchen..where the dude had access.

So not the happiest time but....

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