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the Heck is wrong with LJ!!!!!!!!!!
Is not letting me post to other journals!!!!
*wail at the computer*
The F***** Technology!!!!

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Does anybody use Demonoid.com?
Cause it tells me that I need to have a member invite me o join?
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Looks around
*waives sheepishly at lj*

75% GeekMingle2.com - Free Online Dating

I'm a dork
*touches sturdy nerdy reading glasses*
*happily makes makes bubbles in the milkshake*
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Lj keeps getting on my Bloody nerves!!!!
Everything is still black but now I can't post a comment anywhere:(
Its so f.. messed up
*growls at the world*
On the Rl news college still sucks but I totally rocked on my Adm. paper and Accounting final!!!
*brings me the As*

Lets try something new...........
didn't work
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The Heck is happening with LJ?!?!?!?!
Each LJ page that I open looks the same!!!!
*What the F...*
They all look like my LJ look
*crazy eyes*
I hate it when things go wonky
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So..Rl I haven't slept in almost 3 days..
Have a low fever and I'm currently running on coffee and chocolate
*I can feel the crash coming*
Sadly now that I feel subhuman enough to try to sleep I have class... 5 hours of Math and its incursion on Economics...
*Sobs in a dark corner*
Also I've benn selected to start an Internship on Monday. I just found out that they are not even gonna cover my bus expenses:(And they are asking for 6 hours a day so I can't work on anything else:(((
Today is not a good day.

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