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Marriot Blanche and Chester Adams. Gay couple stuck in the bible belt after avalanche.
Under the advise of their couples therapist. They had each tried to be in each others shoes. Marriot tried golf and schmoozing ended up with a broken leg. Chester tries to use his granddads journal to write a book of memoirs after a trip down the stairs. They are force to go on a vacation that breaks their mold. Lack of communication puts them on a coach train to the south.
After many stumbles and near disasters, they realised they are happy together. As workaholics who bulldoze anyone who gets in the way. They like wining and dining and staying in high class hotels, fighting is part of their day. No need for a pre bake relationship with the stamp of approval.
The moral is that Chester and Marriot realised, you can be happy being just you. Having a partner doesn't slow you down and there are things you do for are loves one on the day to day bases that have more value that a Tiffany cast off. Be true to yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I'm not writing this. I'm really really not--even If if I just did nearly 4k of it. I'm not. This was a plot make believe for [livejournal.com profile] vashtan and his com. Not doing it...
Maybe a few more words wont hurt...
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The cold seeped through his limbs...
Breathing was so difficult...
To remember the reason of his traumatic existence....was to accept.
The sensation on his extremities where the first to go....a false balm to his soul.
Sitting on his chest was a hand of ice...rapped in virtuous justice.
The beginning was today.

The end of beggars

Jamie P.
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So now what?
I keep turning around in the net and having no pressing things to do(leaving the huge amount of reading for the finals that I have to do).
And sure I need to edit 'Not there Yet' but I just finished and every where I look it says that I need to wait some days.
And sure I know that there are some new things I need to add. But there is no pressure. No clock ticking away.
Damn you Chris Batty and your challenges, you mesmerized me in November.

I have also been looking into Script Frenzy, you know to do in April, and yes I can see that my brain is fried if I am considering doing this now.
But it is intriguing.

Maybe tomorrow I'll add some more stuff to NaNo but know I am just... meh.
WRist still fucked up:(
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I finished NaNo just now.
Sure there is going to be editing and stuff later.
But first draft is donne and I even managed to get to the 50k.
I am going to bed now.
My wrist looks like a watter melon.
50k(and some change),

So tired and hot.
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I am happy with me!
I wanted to reach 45k but that was a wild dream.
Pushing over the early 30k was really hard(oh, writers block my old friend--kicks ass:)
But I have not sleep since Sunday 4 am, and my head is pounding so I think I will leave the last push to Friday(exams start tomorrow).

(goes of to cave)
Also I really fucked up my wrist today ace band and all. And it really hurts:(
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Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, burrrrrrrrrning!!!
Yeah baby!
I made it to 40ks today::doing the hula::
I had been stuck in 32k for two days, with like 100 words per day.
And now lookky meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)

Of course all the new words are being use to unite the mess I did in the last 20 days, but who cares!!!
I have never written so much in a day and I still have nearly nine hours until midnight!
Awesome, I knew the panic about lack of time was going to hit soon.
But this level of productivity for me is unheard of.
Hughs F-List

Share the love!
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Yes! Yes!!

Yesterday I made it to the 30k for NaNo(wipes brow) and it was hard!

But....I found a plot. It's common and real and I think it can really work here!

Maybe It truly was time to stop writing about this I do not know or felt like force to me.

I needed to unleashed my inner muse, and manly its taking a bit of a shape, and It is not so difficult.

On the other hand my insomnia is back with vengeance...that means sleeping pills...which means zero inspiration:(

So this horse ain't dead yet.

Yippee k' yeah!!!
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Lets cut the chit chat today!

I' drowning here...I'm running for the 30k like I have a pack of wolfs after me. It's messy and odd, and I thank the Heavens for editing later on.

In the mean time, I hate to say NaNo is guiltting me against reading books this month. I keep thinking I should be writing.

So I think I found a new plot(at least one that fit my character and what I have written so far)

I realised I'm going to have to take a couple of days of to find a way to make what I have written so far fit together. I have until now been writing each day a new idea no linking with the day before and while I do have some Idea about how its going to go. I really need to tighten them up.

With only 3 more exams(the worst ones to come) to go and just 2 papers,I no longer have some excuse to lag behind.

All the news for la la land here.

Oh, I'm somewher in the 26k and the new plot has youtube and blogger on them. Rumors
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I'm so dead!
I still have no plot!
All my characters names begin with T and all their nicknames end in Y.
(I so need to change that)
In my time zone I still have 2 hours to NaNo start.....
And my idiot palm lost my notes.
I am so tired now:)

la la
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For all of you out there that have blogs...
I have join the masses!!!
You or anyone can reach me at http://jamiepblaze.blogspot.com/
The reason for this blog was to help me..write I guess I wanted somewere to vent:)
Haven't use it get for any real writing ::unless you count that silly poem I wrote::

But I'm there, If anyone is a blogger....

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GO Me GO!!!
I do thinks,
Things are me
Me to things
things to me,
work work work,
Me go me.

Jamie P.
So I'm nutty
*and you?*

You Are An ESTP

The Doer

You are adventurous and risk taking. You act first, think second.
You love being the center of attention. Chances are you were the class clown.
Competitive, charming, and charasmatic - you have your own code of honor.
You live a flexible life, bouncing between a series of activies that interest you.

You would make a great salesperson, marketing director, or entrepreneur.
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John with the pretty lips and the swinging hips
Its shimming it.
He has pouty lips and an earth beauty
And just when he moves,
he is like apple juice
all shinning gold, he is a flashing thing
He goes all back, he is from the old school
John with th pretty lips and the swinging hips
He`s a West Beauty
And when he wears his hat, He just makes us scream
with his black jeans and silver bolt belt
bring our eyes to him
to his tight black shirt
John with the pretty lips and the swinging hips
He`s an old Boy who know all the moves
all slick and warm
he melts on your tong
just like buttermilk
John he is the one I want,
the pretty one I dream,
I the swinging hips I need
He is like a summer breeze
all shimming gold he is a flashing thing.
Sure He`ll never wear a Tie
Never meet my Dad
Never will stick around
But when the crowd beets down
He`ll be right around,
Flashing his winning smile
On his Black old Pic,
With a golden air shimming us all in.
John with the pretty lips and his swinging hips
with his cool Hat and tight jeans
John he`s the one that smiles
with his straight teeth's and his sexy lips
melts all the girls like buttermilk
He is the one boys wanna be.
All cool and laid back
like there is not a thing out there
that`s gonna mess his beat,
John he is the boy I crave
without his shirt in his tight black jeans
working out my back
sweating manly
He is an earth beauty
with his sexy lips and his pretty hips
John, my pretty dream.

Jamie P.


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