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Nov. 9th, 2009 11:07 pm
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So past Halloween, begin of NaNo-not touching it now.
Maybe some time later there will be some rant about how I can write under pressure. Or get to the NaNo page, but later.

Nightmares are back, creepy ass melting/torture stuff...and yes, trying to resurrect an old wip..with a serial killer might not have been the best of my ideas. My notes alone Brrr me:(

Weird month....I'll kill for a warm cupcake now.
3 sizes down...pants keep falling off and pants from 4 years ago barely make past my huge tights*sigh*

Tired. Hungry.

Not fair

Sep. 29th, 2009 03:25 am
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So thankfully I got over the martian death snot flue!! The weather is still all futzy, but yeay it didn't escalated into the hospital.
Mom and sister went for their check up with me and where diagnosed with M:hypertension and S: pre-hypertension:(
Yours truly is within the normal margin even a bit low:)

When S complained about the why them and not me...
(Awesome)Doctor asked me
Smoke? No
Drink? No
Exercise? Yes, 4 times a week I dance
And a bunch more things that they need to change to be healthier...
And yep, this are only risk factor but it was funny while S fumed and mom swore they where gonna stop eating junkfood.(I eyes are just bright)
But seriously boy did I dodge the thing--insomnia , prescript meds!

Boy are the med for hypertension expensive..they have to take the dose 3 times a day. Argh budgeting sucks:(

I'm not even gonna get into the fact that also this week some asshole (that actually came to fix the pluming) STOLE my digital camera--hope your balls fall off!
And yeay it could have only been him cause since I was sick no one came home and it was in the room behind the kitchen..where the dude had access.

So not the happiest time but....


Sep. 12th, 2009 03:14 am
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Me haz the Martian Death Plague!!
I swear I'm the bloody SnotMonster--Also exams in 3 days...And this is the first time in a week that I managed to get out of bed and not re enact the Exorcist.

Sometimes this just sucks.

My nose hurts.
::dives and whimpers::
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So currently I'm hiding in my bedroom:O
Hate sundays.
Still not much on the sleep front..could that be catchy?
BF spend over 2 hours moaning about his lack of sleep....and I very sweetly refrain from telling him to shove it!
I mean really who calls at 4.50am and expects someone to answer--damn my weak willpower.

Oy, I apparently forgot to post this....
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So after about 4 hours of sleep and some pretty odd nightmares--plus cooking for this thing my mother had..
Here I am, again.
I wrote a bit more...some wonky lyrics..something about blueberries.
And meh, It was fun. Started a bit ago, something I really did liked but..had to stop. I'm to spacey to really concentrate and I hate writing in funky metaphors.

Still no look in finding some music making program I can actually not really helpfull.
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Not a happy time


There is no one and I mean no one who can make me loose it like my mother. I go crazy-crazy!!
That woman has a way of driving me right up the wall, it doesn't matter that I haven't slept in nearly 48 hs, and I'm really tired and space..she makes me want to roar...
And now that I think about it I once did roar--in her.

Now this might not sound like anything other that faded teen behavior..but I was the ice queen in HS...really I can be like talking to a wall sometimes..even when being yelled at.
But my mother? Oh, no. She turns me into this crazy-crazy fisher wife with a grudge and I all ways end up screaming my head off.
And now Ohhh joy I get to stare at my celling a bit more-- what I would give to get knocked unconscious.(I hate sleeping aids)
So it's either a drooling lump..or a spacey zombie.
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So maybe making resolution to write more is bad more me...considering I clam up worse.
So exams are finished for a while. I A's some got F***d in Antro so now there are 2 more exams there. Need to please not have injure on day of Soc exam, yes this would be funny if I don't recall 2 car crashes and an epi pen moment(blasted figs).
On the other hand my love for music has gone way up again..
Writing lyrics? Not fun when you don't have anyone who can help with the music writing.
Trying to find some program that has guitar,bass,percussion when you are not very good with the pc..... I knew I should have learned guitar..or bass..,or maybe to read notes.. but noooo singing was cooler...dang it


Goes back to lyrics...
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Sometimes I freak myself a bit...

I'm not happy but I'm you know...not crushed. So why razor sharped empty words pour out. Why is the endless park turns to dark. I want light yet all I black is Oil.
Rebirth )


Jul. 13th, 2009 05:12 am
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Still cranky...tired.
Head is trying to end me.
Spend all day fixing the doggis coat, fluffy long haired dog is a bitch to fix when tangled up:S
So...Tired and cranky.
Cough is better!
Fever comes and goes..
Winter not making me very happy now.

Middle of the night, so no sleep here as allways:)

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Mehh, trying to write is not really working anymore now:(
Empowering music..not really helping...
Reading of favorite ebooks....well, yes to the cheering--But Murder on the Editing front.
Tired and cranky.
Have a slight fever and cough--freaking winter!!!

Icecream was bad for me.....Coffee is the nectar of the Gods:)
Movie time--no sleep here as allways:)



Jun. 28th, 2009 12:49 am
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Tomorrow(today) wiill be helping out at the voting center in the city!
Elections time to exercise our free will!!
Or you know vote:)
Will be volunteering all day, not a citizen so I'll help anyway I can.

I do enjoy the smell of Democracy in the morning!!


Jun. 26th, 2009 09:36 pm
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The other day I was chatting about how the oldies where so good, and that not a lot of music was as much fun!
I was goofing with friends who where so happy to find tickets for his show...
It sure as hell is not the bowl of cherries someone crafted about.
One moment,
one choice,
a consequence.
It's Life.

MichaelJ, you where a Giant amongst mediocre mortals. You rocked/Poped and we salute you. It was your time to grace the streets of heaven, where you'll blessed them with your music.

Goodbye, Michael. May you sing to the gods and embrace the wind hidden in your core--fly, we remember.


May. 12th, 2009 03:02 am
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Dear DW,
You are killing me...everyone changed their name and I can't find them
SO not fair....
Also OMG body *points to mirror* go to sleep! Now! Otherwise you know they are gonna knock us out..
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Not so fucked up in the least I thought so--until I found out later about 2 big F****g errors *growls*
I could have lived without knowing until the grade day--now have huge ball of angst inside...Darn!
Now need to wait 2 weeks...
Fudge the world!!!


May. 1st, 2009 05:02 pm
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Ohhhh, lookie here!!
All shinny and new:)

To find me...
And facebook jamiepblaze

Yes I do get around!
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Happy B-Day to me!
Glitter Graphics

Happy Birthday Glitter Pictures

Once upon a time in a farther land(across the pond, he he) dear sweet baby Jamie was born.....

I'm now apparently able to buy houses and ask for business grants(or what ever they are called)*shivers*
Ok--no, I want to go back.....

If anyone sees a Tardis--I'm hiding in my dungeons----come pick me up.

The 20s are a lot more harder*whimpers*, on the other hand cake.
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funny pictures
moar funny pictures
Bumbazon you suck!!!
Glich my glitter bum!!!

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Friend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me!Friend me!Friend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me!Friend me!Friend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!
New Livejournal [ profile] jamiepblaze Its the same journal the same person...only new name.
I will still hang out here, until I can friend (be friend)and find all the comm I like to dabble on.
Until end off April I think

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Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me![ profile] jamiepblazeFriend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me!Friend me![ profile] jamiepblaze
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I'm going to do something stupid.
I want to try to copy my post here to an other journal.
my insane journal..jamiepblaze, cause (sadly) I do like my post here and want to save them there.
Thing is that the caution messages are a bit scary.
So if anything happens now that have to do with setting and my user...please ignore.
I will get back to being crazy ina while.
Also hate hate hate antro::whimpers::

Operation Crash is a go!
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[CENTER][IMG][/IMG][URL=][B]Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.[/B][/URL][/CENTER]

Meh, so aybe I ain't so nice:)
Cool and calm,
the sea at play.
I do like like blue...not as much as black and red but..odd

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