Aug. 28th, 2009

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So maybe making resolution to write more is bad more me...considering I clam up worse.
So exams are finished for a while. I A's some got F***d in Antro so now there are 2 more exams there. Need to please not have injure on day of Soc exam, yes this would be funny if I don't recall 2 car crashes and an epi pen moment(blasted figs).
On the other hand my love for music has gone way up again..
Writing lyrics? Not fun when you don't have anyone who can help with the music writing.
Trying to find some program that has guitar,bass,percussion when you are not very good with the pc..... I knew I should have learned guitar..or bass..,or maybe to read notes.. but noooo singing was cooler...dang it


Goes back to lyrics...
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Not a happy time


There is no one and I mean no one who can make me loose it like my mother. I go crazy-crazy!!
That woman has a way of driving me right up the wall, it doesn't matter that I haven't slept in nearly 48 hs, and I'm really tired and space..she makes me want to roar...
And now that I think about it I once did roar--in her.

Now this might not sound like anything other that faded teen behavior..but I was the ice queen in HS...really I can be like talking to a wall sometimes..even when being yelled at.
But my mother? Oh, no. She turns me into this crazy-crazy fisher wife with a grudge and I all ways end up screaming my head off.
And now Ohhh joy I get to stare at my celling a bit more-- what I would give to get knocked unconscious.(I hate sleeping aids)
So it's either a drooling lump..or a spacey zombie.

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